Dr Ishak Lawal

Dr Ishak Lawal's Profile

Dr. Ishak Lawal is a graduate of University of Ibadan where he bagged his MB.BS degree.

He is a consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist practicing in Federal Medical Centre Birnin-Kebbi, Kebbi State of Nigeria.
He pioneered the gynaecologic oncology unit in the hospital and has since been selflessly contributing to the growth of the unit with the sole aim of providing affordable services to the people.

He will rather spend his personal income to buy tools to enable him render services to the poor in the public hospital than move to the comfort of private practice where only the rich can afford his services.

Even the pleasure and comfort of practice in United Kingdom could not override his passion to serve his people.

It was the love for Nigeria and hope for a brighter future for Nigeria that made him come back to Nigeria at a period when most doctors were looking for such opportunities to leave the country because of frustration in the system.

His research focus is to find a cost-effective model to implement a comprehensive cervical cancer prevention strategy that will impact on the burden of the disease in developing countries.

This was the main goal of the American Cancer Society Global Scholars grant that he won in 2015.

As a cancer advocate, he looks forward to such a time when cancer prevention messages and strategies will be a routine part of our societal norms.

His profile will not be complete without quoting his favourite quote “Nigeria of our collective dream is not impossible if we all resolve to at the very least NOT be part of the problem even if we can't be part of the solution”