Tackling Cancer In Nigeria: Dove-Haven Foundation Targets Rural Dwellers

Far too long, those who live in the nation’s urban centres have appropriated to themselves all the good things provided by both government and non-state actors to improve the lives of the people.

Hardly could it be otherwise, because those who formulate and implement the policies of the government themselves live in the urban centres. It is quite natural therefore for them to think of themselves, their families, dependants and associates first in carrying out their functions.

Many of the projects of the government are therefore sited in the state capitals and the other cities while the rural areas, where majority of the populace dwell are left in the lurch.

At best, they get to hear of government programmes and projects through their radio and television set, for those who enjoy electricity.

For many health programmes such is often the case, so much so that much of the national budget aimed at caring for the health of the people is spent on the tiny minority who live in the urban centres while rural dwellers die daily of ailments that are curable and which should not ordinarily lead to death.

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