Dove-Haven Foundation Launches Global Strategy For Elimination Of Cervical Cancer

Dove-Haven Foundation (DHF), a Nigeria based non-governmental organisation working towards cancer reduction, has partnered with the Osun State Government to organise a programme aimed at putting an end to cervical cancer. 

The event was in corroboration of the launch of the global strategy for the elimination of cervical cancer by the World Health Organisation (WHO). 

The strategy, which was launched on Tuesday was geared towards achieving the 90:70:90 targets set by WHO to eradicate cervical cancer globally by the year 2030. 

The event was symbolised with the lightning of the Bristol Foundation Tower at the Bristol garden, Olaiya, Osogbo, Osun State, attracted dignitaries and medical experts. In his welcome address, the convener and Executive Director of Dove-Haven Foundation, Dr Ekundayo Samuel, expressed his concerned about the threat that cervical cancer is posing, and also the several damages it would continue to cause if nothing is done. 

According to Samuel, the purpose of our gathering here today is that, we are joining other stakeholders in the world to launch the global strategy for the elimination of cervical cancer by the year 2030. ”Currently in Nigeria, despite the inaccurate statistics, we still know that breast and cervical cancer accounts for over 50% of all cancer in women. 

However, cervical cancer-related death is still more than 10,000 yearly with an annual incidence of approximately 15,000 cases,” he said. 

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